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USA Prime Sports, LLC Press Release – June 23rd, 2023 (Updated 7/13/23)

USA Prime Sports, LLC, a highly respected baseball and softball organization dedicated to developing elite programs nationwide, is excited to announce its partnership with Dirtbags Baseball and Jeff Bernau from the Northern Illinois area effective Fall 2023.  Dirtbags Baseball will now be known as USA Prime – Northern Illinois. This partnership is NOT a purchase of Dirtbags Baseball.  There is no transfer of equity.  

As a youth and high school baseball and softball organization, USA Prime Sports is committed to providing exceptional value to players and families by offering top-tier coaches, competitive teams, and access to premier training resources. With this partnership, USA Prime Sports is expanding its footprint into Northern Illinois.

USA Prime Sports players will have access to both local and major national tournaments throughout the year, as well as the different value-adds that USA Prime Sports offers to all its coaches and players. In addition, USA Prime Sports will handle all administrative and back-office functions, as well as technology platforms, allowing the team at USA Prime – Northern Illinois to focus solely on coaching and developing high-quality players and teams. This partnership is expected to enable the continued growth of USA Prime Sports and the development of young players in the region.  

“We are ecstatic to have Dirtbags Baseball join the USA Prime Sports family. Their impressive track record of mentoring and developing young players is a welcome addition to our organization.  The experience and expertise of the team at USA Prime – Northern Illinois will be invaluable in helping our players reach their full potential both on and off the field.  We are confident that under Jeff’s guidance, USA Prime – Northern Illinois will grow, develop and achieve great success.” said USA Prime Sports President, Adam Stroud. 

“Dirtbags Baseball is excited to join USA Prime Sports and rebrand as USA Prime – Northern Illinois.  Becoming a part of USA Prime Sports will greatly enhance our ability to serve our players in their development both as people and players and allow us to put laser focus on offering the best possible program”, said Jeff Bernau.

Since its establishment in 2017, USA Prime Sports has been dedicated to helping young athletes reach their full potential and achieve their goals in baseball and softball. With this partnership, USA Prime Sports is expanding its mission to provide even more young athletes with the resources, training, and support they need to succeed at some level of college baseball/softball and/or professional ball.

USA Prime Sports is thrilled to welcome Jeff Bernau and his team to the organization and looks forward to seeing the growth and development of young athletes in the Northern Illinois region. Join the Prime movement and be a part of the future of baseball and softball.




Fequently Asked Questions

Twitter: @USA_PrimeBB
Instagram: @usaprimebaseball

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is USA Prime?
A: USA Prime is the largest full-service baseball/softball organization in the country. Currently, there are teams in approximately 25 states. They have three #1 baseball teams ranked by Perfect Game from their national program and have put just under 1,000 players into Division 1 scholarships since 2017. They are currently creating a national platform on the softball side to match what they’ve done with baseball. 

Q: Why is Dirtbags Baseball partnering with USA Prime and becoming USA Prime – Northern Illinois?
A: Opportunities for our players, exposure opportunities, and the ability to automate back-office efforts, allowing staff to focus on the baseball.  In short, we can devote all our efforts to developing and supporting our athletes, coaching baseball, and using the sport of baseball as a tool to help players learn life lessons that extend far beyond the field.  The national program offers our players the possibility to be selected to play for Regional and National teams.  This partnership is NOT an acquisition or transfer of equity. 

Q: What does this mean for Dirtbags Baseball?
A: The biggest change is the name. Dirtbags Baseball will be known as USA Prime – Northern Illinois.  Uniforms will be rebranded to USA Prime logos and colors.  We will have new fan gear with the USA Prime – Northern Illinois logo and USA Prime logo. The day-to-day experience will change in that we will restructure our training regimen to provide improved instruction.  Players have opportunities to participate in teams above and beyond the local level. 

Q: When will this partnership take effect? 

A: Fall season of 2023. 

Q: What benefits will I see as a current Dirtbags Baseball player?
A: First off, a restructured off season that will take advantage of the skills each of our coaches know and teach best.  Players will be routinely evaluated to play for Regional and National teams. Players looking to play at a high level will have better opportunities. This change will also create a more consistent experience for players, families, and coaches. There are many benefits to our coaches as well that will make processes clearer, more consistent, and more efficient. 

Q: Does this mean someone else now owns Dirtbags Baseball?
A: No.  This partnership does not involve any exchange of equity or ownership in Dirtbags Baseball. All decisions are still made by Jeff Bernau and the USA Prime – Northern Illinois staff. This includes yearly fees, coaches, players, practice plans, tournament venues, etc. 

Q: What is the 2024 yearly fee

A: 13U and younger are $2500.  

14U and older $3000 

Q: If USA Prime handles billing, do I need to call an 800 number for help?
A: USA Prime does provide customer support.  However, Jeff Bernau should still be your first point of contact.

Q: Does this affect the current team my athlete is on or the upcoming tryouts for Summer?
A: No.  We become USA Prime – Northern Illinois effective starting at 2024 tryouts, scheduled for later this month.   Summer 2023 teams continue to play as Dirtbags Baseball  

Q: What does this mean for uniforms?
A: Players will get new USA Prime fall uniforms. Uniform packages will be handled through the USA Prime team registration. Uniforms come directly from USA Prime. 

Q: How do I learn more about Regional and National teams for USA Prime?
A: USA Prime National teams traditionally play 3-4 tournaments in a year. Players on a national team also play on their local teams.  This is not a one or the other proposition. The national teams are comprised of the top talented players from each age group nationally who will compete in some of the most competitive tournaments in the country. 

Jeff Bernau and the rest of the USA Prime – Northern Illinois staff will be working closely both internally and with other USA Prime organizations to provide opportunities for talented USA Prime players to compete together on Regional teams for USA Prime.  Similar to the National teams, Regional teams will compete at higher level tournaments all over the country representing USA Prime regionally. There will be more detailed information provided to families once the Fall season registration is complete. 

Q: Does my player need to be on a local team to be considered for a Regional or National team?
A: Yes.  Only USA Prime team members actively rostered on a local USA Prime team can be considered for a spot on a Regional or National team. 

Q: How do I learn more about USA Prime?
A: You can learn more about USA Prime at https://usaprimebaseball.com/. The locations page is awaiting an update to include Washington, Fresno, Central Valley, Monterey, Peninsula as well as Nashville, Illinois, New Hampshire, and Las Vegas. You can follow USA Prime Baseball on Instagram @usaprimebaseball, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/usaprimebase and on Twitter @USA-PrimeBB. 

NEW FAQ ITEMS (updated 7/13/23)

Q: Will practice formats change for the 2023/2024 season?
A: One of the major benefits of this partnership is that Jeff and the coaching staff can revamp how our practices are structured. Rather than practicing as teams, practices will be scheduled by age groupings and will work on one performance aspect. For a conceptual example, the program participants may be broken out by age group of 10-12, 13-15 and 16-18. Schedule wise, hitting workouts may be Monday & Thursday nights broken out into 90-minute time slots for each age group Defensive nights may be Tuesday and Friday, Pitching and catching on Wednesday and Saturday, with Sunday possibly being an open time for players to get individual work. This would likely last until March, giving the non-high school teams a month to practice as a unit before they start games.

We are adding to the staff of coaches to make this work even better. Some people working these practice nights may not be team coaches, rather, they are there to lend their expertise to the players. Also, players to get more time in the facility and get more reps.

Q: How will teams be determined if there are multiple teams within an age group?
A: Players will continue to be evaluated by the skill coaches as well as team coaches. Teams will be determined during the practices.

Q: What is the best way to have my son sign up to try out?
A: Please go to http://www.USAPrimeNI.com to sign up for the tryouts.

Q: What if my player can not attend the tryout you have scheduled?
A: Reach out to Jeff Bernau (847-922-4507) and request a tryout on a different time or day. We will do all we can to accommodate.